Carsave SX25
The car is for many an important part of their life. And to use the car you need to buy gas. Wouldn't it be great if you could save money by making your engine more economical just by adding Carsave SX25 to your oil? You could get better mileage by the gallon and take care of your engine at the same time. The gas prices are rising all the time, but we have the product that eventually will save you money.

Carsave SX25 is used by profesionals
SX25 has allready been used for years now by numerous taxi company's , couriers and transportation companys. It's logical that eventually a product like this will find its way to the regular consumer. In times like these when gas, and oil prices are at a all-time-high, why wouldn't you want to save money on gas?

We also have some advice that could save you even more money
  • Make sure you have the right tire pressure
  • Try to minimalise your braking
  • Take your time to reach the desired speed
  • Use cruise control as often as possible
  • Use the extra's with care (rear windscreen heating costs around 3% to 5% extra fuel)
  • Use airconditioning with care (10% extra fuel)
  • Make sure the engine is in good condition
  • You could try to stay behing large vehicles to use their slipstream

Smart cardrivers use SX25
By using SX25 and following our advice you could save a lot of money

Oil additive
SX25 is a motoroil additive with as its most important substance a 'hydrocarbon based synthetic molecule' with amazing results. SX25 is the scientific solution to lubrication at the spots where traditional and synthetic addings fail. Originally developed for extreme circumstances (racing etc.), under normal conditions it reduces wear and tear, and lowers the overall engine temperature that will result in saving energy.

Intermolecular protection
SX25 is a pure liquid without solid components like PTFE, MoS2, grafite or resin, that could attatch and/or drop. SX25 is deliverd thru the oil to the surfaces where the microscopic electrodipole molecules react and connect to the metal synergetically. The surface will become inpenetrable, smooth and sterile and friction will be strongly reduce .