What does it do
A simple solution for a good savings effect, SX25 works according to a simple principle, make sure that the engine needs less energy to work and automatically you will save gas. The next time you refresh your motoroil just add SX25 to the new oil. Because the SX25 molecules are thermo reactive, the so called hot spots will neutralise, that exist due to friction.

Instant power gain
SX25 will make the engine gain more power. You will notice this when after a few minutes the stationary rpm gauge of the engine will rise. The engine needs less power to start and keep the moving parts going. You can now lower the stationary level of the engine to the standard level. Because of this you will use less fuel when standing still. You will notice that the car will become more powerfull and better in accelerating. The engine will become more quiet and you will have a higher maximum speed.

After you have added SX25 to your motor oil, the car will start to drive more economical. Adjust your driving to reach the maximum effect of saving fuel. Follow our advice and it is impossible not to save money.

Add 5% Carsave SX25 to the motoroil, or add 5% to the lubrication of 2 stroke engines. Carsave SX25 will also expand your engines life. Fuel savings up to 25% are confirmed by many tests in ships, trucks and regular vehicles. Carsave SX25 is added with succes in racing cars and motorbikes. Carsave SX25 reduces the CO2 percentage in some cases with 30% ! (Ref: National Centre of Tribology, James Walker Group, Oiltec, Reliance fleet Contracts, Tune-up.)

200 ml is sufficient for a cartercapacity of 3 to 6 liters, in other cases the prescribed 5% must not be crossed.