Frequently asked questions

What does SX25 do exactly?
SX25 sticks as a oil film to all metal parts in the engine. The oil film does not run down when the motor is not running. This constant lubrication saves the energy that is needed to run the engine it self. This extra energy can be used to give the car more power or can be saved and make the car use less gas.

Can it damage my car?
No. It is impossible to damage the car if SX25 is used in the correct way. Ad SX25 to the engine oil.

When will I notice that it works?
As soon as you ad SX25 to the engine oil you will notice an increase in engine power, You will hear less engine sounds and notice a significant reduce of gas consumption by the car.

Can it be used for cars older than 20 years?
Yes. SX25 can be used for cars of all age.

Can it be used for cars newer than 1 year
Yes. As soon as the engine has been broken in. Ad SX25 to the motor oil.

When can I add it to my oil?
Yes. The motor oil as exactly the place where it should be.

Will it also work for other engines? For example a boat or truck
Yes. SX26 works for all sorts of engines such as:
Gas      Cars, boats, motorcycle, pumps, generators, lawn mowers
Diesel    Cars , trucks, boats.
2 stroke    Outboard engines, lawn mowers, pumps, generators

Can I combine it with every kind of motoroil?
Yes. There are no exceptions on the combination of oil and SX25.

How much do I have to add to my motoroil?
A maximum mixture of 5% to ad to the motor oil is not to be exceeded.